Portland’s Second Annual Techno Contra!

Firecloud is what happens when two musicians – classically trained since ages 5 and 6 – decide that they want to do something…different. Julie Vallimont spent 15 years as a professional organist before forming her first techno contra band, Double Apex, as well as joining the contra band Nor’easter; Andy Reiner has played with heavy metal, folk, hip-hop, bluegrass, and Irish groups, and has also composed major works for string orchestra.

Together, they blend immense technical skill with a mutual passion for experimentation.  Their music combines the driving beats of techno music with live fiddling. Julie says the process of creating fiddle techno is “like cooking  – if you make cookies, you follow the basic recipe, but who knows what else might get thrown in each time?”

Firecloud will be performing in Portland on Saturday, June 30th, at Fulton Park Community Center. They will be joined by one of Portland’s own callers, the delightful Susie Kendig. This event will include a beginner’s lesson and walk-throughs,  and will be accessible to all ages and skill levels. There will be buckets of bass, disco lights, flamboyant costumes, and as much revelry as we can muster.

Hours will be 8:00-11:00 (lesson at 7:30), and the fee will be $12 for general admission, $10 for members, and $8 for students and seniors. For more information, contact Megan at megan.emerson@gmail.com. Event sponsored by the Portland Country Dance Community.


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One response to “Portland’s Second Annual Techno Contra!

  1. silentashes

    This was absolutely smashing.
    I ❤ Firecloud and would love to have them back next year, if not sooner.
    Many, many thanks for creating and coordinating such a… an…

    …. There are no words;
    There is only the beat.

    thump. thump. thump. THUMP.
    [cue minimalist techno keyboard, like a surreal virtual world]

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